Workout Wednesday-Burn SF

Happy Wednesday everyone! Today’s Wednesday Workout post is a little different, but you have to keep things fresh, ya know?

Last week, I decided to try out a class at Burn SF, since it’s close to my house and I wanted to shake things up.

The class is a combination of resistance, using weights and a pilates spring board, and cardio. We did lots of arm, core and leg work plus a ton of dynamic cardio. Suffice to say, I really found out why the class is called Burn-every muscle in my body was fatigued (in a good way) by the end of the 55 minute class. Watch the video below to catch a quick glimpse of what class might be like (each class is different!)-

Despite emerging from the class embarrassingly sweaty, I absolutely loved the class!  Burn had all of the benefits of a traditional pilates class, plus great cardio work. I felt like I was standing taller and more aware of my core and posture at the end of class, yet I also thought I got in a really challenging and effective cardio workout, which I think is the one element that I think is missing from traditional pilates classes.

I could blab on about the class all day, but I decided to go straight to the source for more information on the history of Burn. The founder and owner, Lisa Corsello, was nice enough to answer a few questions about Burn. Read on to get the inside story.

Lisa Corsello-Founder and Owner of Burn SF (source)


Q:  What makes Burn different from other workouts?
A: Everything!  Burn is exactly what we say it is: a great mix of Pilates, Cardio and Weight Training.  The cardio is real cardio- the kind that gets you moving and sweating.  The Pilates is both classical and modern, and the strength training is functional and challenging.
We get your heart rate up the whole time, and we flow and progress from one type of exercise to the next. It is non-stop, and anyone can do this workout. We provide modifications and different impact levels so that EVERYONE in class gets a workout that is safe and challenging. It is perfectly normal to see a class with clients who are athletes, absolute beginners, pregnant, post-partum, super fit, or recovering from an injury. Everyone is welcome and everyone gets lots of attention from the instructor.


Q:  How, when and why did you start Burn?
A: Our first studio opened in July 2009.  It came about after years of trying to create a group workout that was similar to the workouts I gave my personal training clients.  I spent years studying different techniques and methods and I found that all of my clients responded very well to the mix of cardio, pilates, and strength training we did in our sessions.  To be honest, I wanted to create a workout I would want to do myself.  I joke that I have Workout ADD; I get bored easily and I like to keep moving.  I also wanted to create something I would love teaching,  I still take Burn classes, I still get sore, and teaching is still my favorite part of this job.


Cardio time at Burn SF (source)


Q: I don’t live in San Francisco-are there Burn locations in other states? Do you plan on expanding in the future?
A: No, not yet…but soon. There are currently three locations in San Francisco: Broadway, Valencia and Irving.


Q: Awesome to hear that you might be expanding soon. In the meantime, I saw that there’s a Burn DVD that people can do at home if they can’t get to the studio. What is the difference between the in-studio and at-home workouts? 
A: The DVD was created for clients who wanted to get a great workout at home or while traveling.  It has the same elements of Pilates, Cardio and Weights, but without the springboards we use in the studio.  It’s made so that anyone can do the workout, pretty much anywhere.  There are a lot of intense mat Pilates moves for the legs and glutes and extra arm work with weights to make up for the springboard work we do in class.


Q: What kind of person did you have in mind when you created Burn?
A: Anyone interested in getting healthy and fit.  Seriously. You can bring us all of your injuries, fears, and fitness questions, and we will welcome you with open arms (but please leave your attitude at the door :). We strive to actually teach people about which muscles they’re actually working, why they are working it, how they can make it more or less challenging, and where they should and should not be feeling it. We truly do want to empower people and help them get to know their own bodies a lot better.


Q: Anything else we should know about Burn?
A: It’s amazing, dynamic, never boring or repetitive, challenging, educational, and fun.


If you live in San Francisco and are interested in trying out Burn for the first time, you can get $5 off of your first class by entering “postcard” at checkout. If you love your first class, they offer a great new customer, 30 day unlimited package for $100. Who knows, you might see me there ;)
All opinions are my own. I was not compensated for this review…I just loved Burn SF that much!