Wednesday Workout

I think the title of this post is pretty straight forward-so let’s get sweating!

I did this workout yesterday and it took me about 30 minutes, including the warm-up.

Twenties and SprintsHappy hump day!


Free Fitness

Gyms are great and I loved CrossFit while I was doing it (more on that later), but fitness for free ninety nine? Be still my heart.

Here are a few of my favorite ways to get fit for free.

1) Lululemon

Local Lululemon stores host weekly run groups and yoga classes. Since most of the classes are hosted in-store, it’s a great way to get your om and check out any new apparel arrivals. Competitor Athleta also hosts a range of classes from cycling technique clinics to TRX.

Just taking creepy pictures in the back of class.

Just taking creepy pictures in the back of class. NBD.

2) YouTube

I could probably devote an entire post to fitness videos on YouTube. In a word, it’s a goldmine. Here are some of my favorites:

  • BeFit-Features all of LionsGates’ fitness videos, including my very dear friend Jillian Michaels
  • ToneItUp-Karena and Katrina have been in my fitness rotation for the past three years.
  • Fitness Blender-I just found this channel over the weekend and my abs are still killing me from this workout.
  • Bloggers Sarah Dussault and Cassey Ho also have some great videos too!

Screen Shot 2013-07-14 at 11.17.32 PM

3) OnDemand

If you have cable, check out your “On Demand” feature-chances are you have access to free fitness videos. Comcast even offers some of their exercise videos online.


What is your favorite way to get fit for free?



It’s Friday! Does anyone else feel like this?

This could be me.

Hope everyone had a great week. I don’t know about you but this one felt loooong. Maybe it was from the short week last week.
Anyway, yesterday I asked this question on Instagram-
The rest of it is supposed to say “With weights, a box & 20 minutes”, but it got cut off..oh well
ANYWAY, the answer to how I got so sweaty-

PARTAY TIME! (source)


Plyometrics are rapid, explosive movements that quickly stretch and contract muscles to produce power.

For this workout, all you need is a yoga mat (if you want), a pair of dumbbells and stable box that you can jump onto (this is what I use).


One day I’ll make a video explaining all of these movements, but that day is not today, so here’s a primer on the movements-

Air Squat

Mountain Climbers

Squat to Overhead Press

Speed Skaters

Side Lunge with Leg Lift-w/ finger tips on the ground raise straight leg until it is parallel w/ the ground

Box Jump

Triangle Push Up

Up and Over the Box

Alternating Curtsy Lunge w/ bicep curl

Sprinter Plyo Jump*

*To do this on a box, place your right foot on top of the box, then jump up, driving your left knee into the air. Land in the starting position with right foot on top of the box. Repeat for 15 seconds, then switch legs.

1 1

Morning Moves

Good morning!


I wanted to pop in and share a quick abs and arms routine I did this morning. I haven’t been into the morning workouts recently since it stays light out later, so I’ve been trying to incorporate some movement into my mornings.


I found this great “Dirty Dozen” circuit from the Oiselle blog, which has been an abs workout goldmine (you might remember them from the other killer abs sequence I started doing last year).


This mini workout is designed to help prevent running injuries, as well as strengthen the core and abs-I’ll take it! The description says it takes about 20 minutes and for once, the description was right! I rolled out of bed (literally) and went through each exercise with no rest and it took me just about 20 minutes, so it’s the perfect way to start the day.



Find Your Strong-Saucony Review

Although I used to be a 100 percent Asics girl, over the past few years, I’ve become a little more brand agnostic

I branched out and tried some Brooks Adrenalines (which weren’t my favorite) and then moved on to some Nikes to train for the San Francisco Marathon last year-

The Nikes even worked well in the portapotty line.

They worked like a dream….then I (or rather my legs) broke down.

After returning to running earlier this year, I decided to come back to Asics and tried the Gel Blur 33, which were a great all around (and very bright) shoe.


Then earlier this year, I started seeing a lot of buzz about the Saucony Kinvara 4, so I decided to try it out.

And I’m SO happy I did.


After months of feeling so-so about running and doing nothing more than three or so miles, I feel like I have found my strong. Okay, the longest run I’ve done is five miles, but that feels like a marathon at this point :)

So you must be wondering what makes these shoes so special aside from the fact that they’re BRIGHT purple.


Here are a few of the many amazing features that make the Kinvara 4 so amazing:

  •  The booty-No, not that booty. The interior of the Kinvara 4 is constructed so that it has a nice sock-like fit and a HydraMax collar keeps your foot sweat free.
  • Light as a Feather-The Kinvara 4 is made of EVA foam, which is lighter than rubber and helps the shoe clock in at just under 7 ounces.
  • Flex It-The upper of the shoe is constructed of FlexFilm, a strong material that adapts to your foot with fewer layers.

I could go on and on about how much I love my Saucony Kinvara 4s, but we’d be here for days an no one wants that. For more info, click on the image below to check out the official Runner’s World video review-

Check out the review here

Check out the review here

I was not compensated for this review-all opinions are my own!



Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Fourth of July! This holiday has always been one of my favorites…maybe even better than Christmas. I just love celebrating this fair nation.

'Murca. (This shorts have gotten far too much wear in the past month)

‘Murca 2k12.

I’m off to spend the holiday weekend in Phoenix (yes, I’m unprepared for the heat) with my best friend Kristen!

We’ve been friends since 7th grade (cue the embarassing photos)-

8th grade graduation-glad we're past that stage...and still friends.

8th grade graduation-glad we’re past that stage…and still friends.



High school graduation

and even through multiple moves and being thousands of miles apart, we’ve stayed friends and have pretty much always celebrated the 4th of July together. I had some great pictures of us on the Fourth of July from years past (think American flag manicures, fireworks and ice cream sundaes) but my computer is broken, so this picture of us jumping on the beach in Mexico will have to do-

Still friends in 2013!

Wait a second, you didn’t think I would let you get away without a patriotic workout did you?! It’s a quick one you can do before you set out for your Fourth of July activities.

Fourth of July Workout (1)

Yes, it spells out Fourth of July and yes, I did take a few liberties with the exercise names.

I used 15 pounds for all of the weighted exercises, except for the Y-raise, which required a 10 pounder.

Also, I know there are a few exercises that might be a bit unfamiliar, so here are some how-tos:

Have a FABULOUS Fourth!!



Designer Whey Weekend

When I was at TJ’s a few weeks ago, I decided to pick up some Designer Whey and WOAH do I love it.

I was poking their website over the weekend to see if I could find any new fun products. I was happy to find that, in addition to recipes, Designer Whey also offers a bevvy of workouts. Of course I had to try one.

During the long weekend, I tried out the Big Burpee Workout, which you might have noticed I mentioned in this week’s “Weekly Workouts” post.


I used two ten pound dumbbells for the workout, finished in about 17:17 and looked like this afterward-

sweaty mess.

That’s my “welp, that was surprisingly difficult” face.

It was a surprisingly tough workout and definitely one I’ll turn to again.

As if I didn’t get enough out of the Designer Whey website, I finished everything off with one of their abs workouts. Check out the video below!

After my workout, I made a recovery smoothie that I devised a few weeks ago and has quickly become my new favorite.  MMMMouthwatering.

This smoothie has a healthy dose of potassium (from the banana) and protein (from the Designer Whey) and it’s basically like a tropical getaway in your mouth… if that makes sense. Even better, this smoothie keeps me full, which is a problem I usually face with smoothies as a meal.


Coconut Dream


1/3 cup canned light coconut milk

1 scoop vanilla designer whey

1 ripe banana

4-5 ice cubes

1 tbsp. chia seeds soaked in water overnight (optional)


1. Combine all ingredients in blender…and enjoy!


I was not compensated for this post-I just love Designer Whey! All opinions are my own!



Weekly Workout Plan-5.27.13

Hope everyone had a great long weekend and getting back to the grind yesterday wasn’t too painful.

Since it’s better late than never, here’s a weekly workouts round-up and a plan for this week.

Here are the workouts I had planned on doing last week and here’s what I actually did-

Weekly Workouts_5.20.13

With work, life and working out, I tend to get pretty tired at the end of the week so it helps to do rest days in proximity. I also used one of my rest days to watch other people workout :)-that counts, right?


Now that last week is behind us, here’s what’s in store for this week-

Weekly Workout Plan_5.27.13

This week is a little different-it was a three day weekend (happy to report Monday through Wednesday’s workouts went according to plan) and I’ll be traveling to New York/New Jersey for my fifth reunion. I was pretty good about sticking to my plan when I was in New York two weeks ago, but working out at reunions is an entirely different beast altogether-a tiger to be specific ;)


Tiger, tiger, tiger, sis, sis, sis….SO EXCITED.

We’ll see how this week goes and I’ll see you in NYC!

Any fun workouts planned for this week?


Memorial Day Weekend Wrap-Up

Who else is sad the three day weekend is over?

They always seem to fly by and then it’s back to the grind. In my case it’s only a two day work week since I’m headed back to the east coast on Wednesday afternoon.

Since next week will be filled with Princeton 5th reunion fun, we took it easy this weekend.

The three day weekend started early (yay for a 3 p.m. office close) and I was able to nap before getting an upper body beating at CrossFit. I also found out that evil wheels are indeed evil. HATE them.


Upper body strength is not my thing.

On Saturday, I dragged my boyfriend to Santa Rosa…for the NorCal Crossfit Regionals!


Oh hey Annie!

It was so much fun to see some hardcore Crossfitters in action and definitely made me love my new found activity that much more.


My favorite event was the team event, which my boyfriend and I made a little more entertaining by placing friendly bets on which team would win. My teams won in both cases, so Pat spent time listening to my music on the drive back and will be watching a lot of House Hunters in the coming weeks.


I just know how to pick the winners :)

Sunday we ventured to Oakland for brunch with a friend at a cool gastropub called Portal, which had a great brunch (I LOVE brunch) menu and a lovely outdoor patio.

Can’t be a Sunday brunch with a view like that! (source)

Then we hit the (mini) links.


Pitch and putt was not my forte. Let’s say I do not have a future in the LPGA. It was fun to whale on some golf balls though!

To round out a very low key three day weekend, I woke up at 11:22 a.m. (zzzQuil is no joke) on Monday and ventured back to Oakland to run around Lake Merritt with Rosie while we waited for Pat to finish a hockey lesson. I did Sarah Dussault’s 10-20-30 HIIT run along Lake Merritt’s gorgeous running paths. Lake Merritt is an East Bay gem and will always hold a special place in my heart since I lived there for my first few months in California.


After my run, I had a chance to work on my pet portraiture-

Vogue, betch.

Vogue, betch.

The rest of the afternoon was spent watching House Hunters (marathon? yes please!), enjoying burgers indoors (it’s the beginning of the cold SF summers) and  feverishly knitting a baby blanket I’m supposed to send to a friend by the end of the week.

Hope everyone had a GREAT Memorial Day weekend!


Wednesday Workout

Hope everyone is having a good evening! How pumped is everyone that we’re more than half way to a glorious three day weekend?

If you follow me on Instagram, I made a promise that I would post the workout I did earlier today-

Screen Shot 2013-05-22 at 6.55.30 PM

in non-chicken scratch form.

Even though it’s late in the day, I wanted follow up on my promise and share a Wednesday workout.

Wednesday Workout 5.22

I did this workout on the treadmill (except for the weights portion-please get off any machine before you do that), but you can do this on any machine you want (or even outdoors). Just make sure you’re really sprinting.

Check out this workout and more under my new “Workouts” tab!

Screen Shot 2013-05-22 at 6.59.43 PM