Peaches and Push ups

Good morning everyone!

I had to be out of the door quick this morning and since my evening have consisted of more of this-

Hey,it’s study food!

Studying is fun!

than this-

I decided to fit in a workout early.

Recently, one of my favorite bloggers Jen has been posting her Crossfit style “10-1″ workouts, so I decided to make my own for a quick morning sweat session.

For each round, do each exercise 10 times, then 9, then 8…you get the idea.

This workout seemed easy enough on paper, but with no rest in between, this was tough and I was a sweaty mess by the end and finished in 15:43.

Oh hello forced smile

Then it was time for some oats and Frog Hollow Peaches (if you’re ever in the Bay Area you have to try them!)

Delicious and quick!

Hope you have a great day!



  1. i’m glad you tried the 10-1 format and liked it! we have awesome peaches here in the south but i’ve heard such great things about the frog hollow. yum!

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