Our Family Is Growing

Yeah, I’m probably just gassy. And these pants are doing nothing for me.

ABSO-LUTELY NOT. No little ones running around for a long, looooong time. Mom, if you’re reading you can regain consciousness.

But in the meantime, meet the newest family member, Rosie!

Or at least that’s what we’re calling her for now.

We were pretty pumped about our new arrival since we’ve been fostering dogs for a while. And by we, I mean manfriend and I-Fiona did not take the news as well-

A dog? You MUST be kidding me.

And now for the obligatory 10,000 “I’m so excited to have a dog” photos, starting off with Rosie’s new favorite activity…staring at herself in the mirror (this is obviously my dog).

Who is that beautiful dog?!

Everything is Rosie.

Welcome to the family Rosie!



  1. Love. Love. Love. Hooray for rescue dogs! I can’t wait to see more pictures plastered all over fb :)

  2. Our dogs are twins! They look like siblings, the only difference is where Rosie is black and brown my dog is brown and black! What type of mix is she??

    • Ah! Our dogs are twins! I love the picture of him on the couch-it looks like he’s saying “You interrupted my nap. It better be important.”

  3. missmarisol says:

    You are hilarious! Your poor mom.. hee hee

    Hello Rosie!


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