My Lazy Personal Trainer

I had another post in the works, but then I thought I’d devote a morning post to my “personal trainer”. She makes sure I’m out of bed every morning way before my alarm clock goes off and as you’ll see, she’s never afraid to get involved in my workouts. Even though she’s likes to get me out of bed for early workouts, she prefers to lounge around in between fueling up and doing intense interval sprints. Regardless…she always has her eye on me.

Who is this trainer you might ask?

It’s Fiona!

She definitely tracks my every move..even when I think she's not looking

So…she’s not really my trainer, but she does make sure I’m up on time, even if it is so that she has a bowl full of fresh food. For someone who gets me out of bed REEEALLLLY early, she likes to sleep a surprising amount. So here’s a little Thursday morning fun for you.

Do it again! This time with proper form.

Okay, this workout might be a bit too early.

On the lookout.

I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed.

Why do they call it downward dog? Pffft.

Although I would like to think that Fiona is the only workout conscious feline, check out yoga crasher that joins Courtney from Girl In the Pink from time to time.

Hope this made you smile a bit (I’m not a crazy cat lady…I promise!). Happy Thursday!



  1. Fionaaaaaaaaaaa!


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